About Me

People call me Amy and I’m from Spokane, Washington, USA.

I was saved by Grace and it literally is my middle name.

I married my husband Patrick (people call him Paddy) in June 2021.
He’s half Portuguese, half German.
We live in Germany
(for now..!)

We live to reflect the glory of the God that created us;
We love to be in relationship with Him;
And we are passionate about seeing others come into
the transforming revelation of who God really is.

Our Heavenly Daddy loves us,
He knows that we want to go to the nations because He put that desire in us,
Therefore, the nations are where He takes us

The life we live may not look normal,
but in His Word Jesus said:
“I came that you may have life in abundance” (John 10:10)
So really, we’re just taking Jesus at His word,
living our lives in the abundance of a Father that loves us deeply
and has said that as His children, we have access to everything that He has.

(You do too)