For anyone that has ever planned a wedding before (I know I’m speaking mainly to women here), you know how much work it is.

Praise report: we made it!

We had a wonderful wedding on June 12, a small celebration with family and friends in Germany, livestreamed for family and friends all over the world. Immediately following, we flew off to Portugal for a much-anticipated honeymoon in Paddy’s favorite city, the area where his father’s family comes from: Porto.

And as long as we’re talking about praise reports, I mentioned in a previous update about us having complications finding insurance. Well, it’s not 100% confirmed yet, but just last week we have found a solution that should be way easier and much more affordable than anything we were expecting! Because God is good.

We’ve been back for a couple weeks now and are adjusting into some kind of normal life. But for those that know us well, you know that we really don’t do any kind of normal. The apartment that we will move into is not available until the end of next month, so until then we are essentially couch hopping as newlyweds.
Some of you are horrified and some of you are laughing right now.

As we couch-hop around the Black Forest/Lake of Constance area of Germany, we are adjusting to married life (which, for all those who ask, doesn’t actually feel TOO much different from life before marriage, except for the obvious) and returning to our studies.

Paddy is doing an online course with YWAM called Biblical Teaching and Preaching and is continuing on his way to receiving his Bachelor’s degree with YWAM’s University of the Nations.

I am continuing the online course called DNOS that I spoke of a few updates ago and I am also doing an online German course and focusing a lot on learning the language.

In my last update, I said that God has clearly communicated to both Paddy and I that missions is our calling.
In the last one and a half years as Paddy and I have grown in our relationship together, we of course talked about our future and what we felt like God was calling each of us to do as we decided that we wanted to get married. We have prayed as individuals and as a couple and sought the Lord about where He would lead us in the future, beyond our wedding into the many years ahead. And we feel like we have received an answer. In my next updates, I would like to share with you where Paddy and I believe the Lord is leading us.

Without vision or a clear direction, we just wander through life working toward one goal after the other, but each time after we achieve the goal we set, we are lost and wonder what we should do now, scrambling to find a new purpose and set a new goal that may or may not have something to do with the last goal that we achieved. Goals are not meant to be the end in themselves but rather checkpoints along the way toward something greater, something that perhaps we cannot achieve by ourselves or even in our lifetime.

What are you working toward?

Until next time,

Amy & Paddy

3 thoughts on “MARRIED

  1. Congratulations on your marriage! Love to see pictures.
    Yay -we finally got your update. Hope telling them again that it is “not junk” will be effective.
    Many blessings on the two of you,
    Bev and Ken Varcoe.


  2. So happy for you both. May God continue to use you to bless others and honor His name! Praying for you!! Sue in Spokane


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