Home to Home

I’m writing this as Paddy and I have just arrived back in Germany. I can’t believe our time in Spokane went by so fast! We’re so glad to have shared this time with many of you, and for those that we weren’t able to spend time with, we would still like to hear from you! Please always feel free to reach out to us; you can contact me directly at amyclark135@gmail.com

The last 2 months have been full and rich, spending time with family, spending time with old friends and making lots of new ones, connecting with my church, investing into our not-so-far in the future marriage, taking care of the details of starting a new life together soon, as well as seeing the area that I have called home my whole life and enjoying some new firsts together.

Have you ever had those times when it’s like two worlds collide? You bring your family to the company Christmas party, old friends from out of town meet new friends you recently made, even your soon-to-be in-laws meeting your own parents for the first time. We suddenly get nervous, thinking something like, “what will they think?” and we get hyper-aware of all the quirky, strange, or even obnoxious things that both sides do. We start seeing people, places, and things in a new way, trying to imagine what the people around us are thinking as they experience for the first time what is so familiar to us.

That’s how it has been for me with Paddy being in the States the last 2 months. Introducing him to my family, my church, my friends, my home, my area… I’ve been forced to see things in a way I never had before. It’s a great way to get rid of the illusions we create in our minds, though it can be hard to accept. Sometimes we only see the negative sides of something that is good. Sometimes we only thought something was good because we didn’t know there was something better. Thanks be to God that He brings people into our lives to help us gain new perspective and begin to see things more as He sees them!

The last week before we began our travels, we often got asked how we were feeling about leaving soon. I never knew what to say. Spokane is the city I grew up in and it will always be home to some degree because I spent 20 years of my life there and that is where my family and friends were and where most of them still are. My church is there. It is my history.

But Germany is my home too. It is my new home. The site of part of my future, though far from all of it. It is where I first stepped into missions over 4 years ago and where I met the man who will be my husband. It is where we will plan our wedding, where we will start our marriage, where we will have our first place (though we won’t be in it for long, details soon to come!) It is where my church is (the other one). It will be our launching pad into what God has next for us as we continue in missions together as a married couple. 

The next weeks we will be focusing mainly on preparing for our wedding and the start of our new life together as husband and wife. 

Prayer points: 
– Planning a wedding amid the ever-changing restrictions under covid
– An apartment
– Health insurance (currently experiencing complications)
– Use of a car for the next months
– Grace as we get married soon and begin a new stage of life!

Thank you so much for following my journey in missions the last years and now being part of our journeys joining together in marriage and missions. We are so blessed to share this with you!

All for His Kingdom and glory,

Amy & Paddy

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